As a first responder, you are in an excellent position to help those who need it most. You are the backbone of your community and often spend more time with people than your own families do. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need support as well! There’s no shame in asking for help when you’re struggling to juggle work, home life, and everything else that comes with being a first responder. The following organizations provide excellent resources for many responders, including firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and more.

First Responders Children’s Foundation

The First Responders Children’s Foundation supports the children of first responders who have been killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. It serves children throughout the United States, providing college scholarships to those whose father or mother can no longer provide. The Foundation has awarded over $4 million in college scholarships to children of first responders killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty and has awarded over $400,000 to families when a parent is injured.

Stephen Siller Tunnel To Tower Foundation

Stephen’s Tunnel to Towers Foundation was created in his honor and is dedicated to taking care of those who put themselves in harm’s way every day to protect others. The Foundation honors the men and women of our Armed Forces, first responders, wounded warriors, and their families by providing ongoing support through tangible means such as financial grants, scholarships, and rehabilitation programs.

The Leary Firefighters Foundation

The Leary Firefighters Foundation helps provide funding and resources to fire departments to get equipment, technology, and training. The Foundation provides grants for acquiring life-saving apparatus such as Rescue Pumps, Heavy Duty Rescue Trucks, Special Operations Vehicles, Hazmat trucks, Mobile Command Units, and technological advances like Thermal Imaging Cameras or GPS Monitoring Systems.

Bottom Line

The best nonprofits supporting first responders are those who have a proven track record of success. After all, the safety and wellbeing of our country’s bravest people are worth every penny spent on donations to these organizations. We hope this list helps you find an organization that will guide your giving in a way that benefits both you and those protecting us from harm.