Summer is a time to get out and enjoy the fun outdoors with the family. There are endless activities to enjoy together and opportunities to create lasting memories. Many of these activities can be done right near your home or with a little travel. Get ready for a summer filled with fun activities to do with the family!

Hiking & Biking
Your local and state parks may offer hiking trails so that everyone in the family can get more in touch with nature. Research ahead of time the different trails to help pinpoint what’s right for your family. There are hiking trails of different lengths and difficulty levels. Find the one that is right for your family. Often, many of these trails will also offer biking options as well.

Night Sky Stargazing
The scorching summer heat can be difficult to bear at times, so enjoy a nighttime activity with the family like stargazing. This can be done from your backyard or at a local campground. Just bring blankets and snacks to enjoy the amazing night sky. You may even want to sleep under the stars. It can be an opportunity to learn about the constellations and maybe you might just catch a view of a shooting star.

Kite Flying
The beautiful summer sky and summer breeze provides perfect conditions to bring out the kite. Kite flying can be hours of fun enjoyment for the family. Watch as the kite runs free in the wind and summer sky. Young kids may also enjoy making their own kite to fly with a few simple materials.

Start a Garden
Have any green thumbs in the family? Teach kids about planting and how they can grow their own food. Some of the easiest herbs to grow in the summer are basil, dill, parsley, sage and rosemary. Tomatoes and berries are also great for a summer garden.

Rock Painting
Want to dress up the garden or front porch? With some rocks, paint, and paintbrushes you’ll be on your way to giving the garden or porch a new look. Get creative with your rock painting making animals, insects, or characters of your family. There are endless ideas for rock painting.

Enjoy all that summer has to offer and make it fun with these family activities!