Whether it’s an earthquake, a flood, or even a hurricane, helping others during disasters could involve anything from donating clothing or food to volunteering at the local shelter. Here are tips on how to help out others during times of tragedy.


1. Get A List of the Victims First

Make sure to gather some basic information about the victims, like what kind of situation they are in if they have family or friends still at home, and so on.


2. Donate Supplies

Even though donating supplies is helpful, it is not something a person can do alone. People can gather supplies and organize which items they can donate and which are in reserve for the victims. They may also want to note what kind of items they can bring based on the local government’s needs.


3. Volunteer at The Local Shelter

Volunteering at the local shelter means a person doesn’t have to worry about carrying heavy cases. People can help out the victims in desperate need of food, clothing, and so on without worrying about how busy they are at work.


4. Communication

Friends and families of victims can stay at home and talk to their loved ones, who are most likely staying at a shelter. A victim’s family or friend is still at home could greatly ease their anxiety.


5. Clean Up After

After the fire is out and the hurricane stops, people can clean up the mess left behind by the storm. From collecting large pieces of wood to helping people rebuild their homes after a terrible tornado or hurricane leaves them in shambles, people can do a lot.


6. Assist in Raising Funds

The most beneficial thing people can do is raise funds to pay for necessities for those that lost their livelihoods to disaster.


7. Establish Disaster Relief Organizations

Establishing a charity is beneficial because they help raise funds through various fundraisers, provide volunteers, and get clothing and food donations.


8. Donate Blood and Plasma

Even though this takes some time, it’s helpful for the victims in desperate need of medical supplies.


Even though people can do so many things to help out in a disaster, it doesn’t mean one should spread themselves too thin. People should prioritize helping those in immediate need of victims and work their way up from there.