Spring sounds even sweeter this year. Between being cooped up for the winter and the aftermath of a global pandemic, most people are long overdue for some time in nature. As the green grass grows and the flowers bloom, take the opportunity to give back to our precious planet while also assisting the community.


Here are five environmentally-friendly ways to give back this spring:

  • Get a green thumb
  • Assist neighbors
  • Coordinate litter pickups
  • Start a seed library
  • Organize volunteer opportunities


Consider creating a garden to bring fresh vegetables to the table. If an outdoor garden seems a bit intimidating, there are plenty of herbs that can be grown in the kitchen. Growing as a family– or in a community garden– is an excellent way to create new connections [and get the kiddos away from their devices]. Additionally, starting a compost collection can reduce household waste and fertilize plants.


Most people have an elderly, disabled, or ill neighbor who could benefit from some help. Whether it’s mowing their lawn or bringing their recyclables to the street, offer your assistance. Even if a neighbor does not have a specific need, surprise them with a flower or surplus veggies from your garden, or a kind note in the mailbox.


A litter pickup can unite the entire neighborhood. Not only does it show pride in the community, but it’s also a family-friendly activity that everyone can be a part of in some way. Even if a neighbor can not meet the physical demands of bagging trash, they can still man the garbage bag station or distribute cold drinks to other volunteers.


Perhaps there’s a Little Free Library in the community. Reading makes for a wonderful year-round pastime, so think about putting a springtime twist on the concept. Create a mobile seed library. Whether it’s freestanding or travels door-to-door, it enhances community engagement and allows individuals to ‘check out’ seeds, or leave excess ones of their own.


Volunteer opportunities bring families and neighborhoods together. Would the block benefit from a group service project? Maybe even a friendly competition with a nearby building or street? Research solo and group endeavors that are looking for help, and serve as the liaison to bring these to fruition.


What are you doing to celebrate spring and honor our planet?