There are many important benefits to volunteering, from better mental health to immersing yourself in new cultures, so naturally, many people want to share the experience with those closest to them: their family. However, it can sometimes seem impossible to make the time for it or find something that is accessible for everyone, including young children. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for family volunteering and many unique and creative community engagement projects you can take on together.

Before you embark on your charitable adventure, it’s essential to sit down and have a discussion with your family about the importance of volunteering and what you’d like to do together. If you’re including small children, now is a good time to explain what volunteering is and how it helps other people. Decide on a cause everyone is passionate about– picking something interesting will keep everyone engaged and excited. Also, be sure to discuss possible times that will work for everyone and talk about how much time can be realistically dedicated to volunteer work.

Once you’ve decided what kind of volunteering you want to do, you should research different options. Many programs have special activities prepared for families that want to work together; if you can’t find anything for a charity you like, try calling and asking. Even if they don’t have anything suitable for your family on-site, they may have programs like preparing food or kits at your house and then bringing them into the facility. These options are also great for anyone with limited mobility. 

Volunteering can be a gratifying experience that allows you to build and practice new skills, make new friends and contribute to your community. With your family, it’s also an opportunity to create lasting memories and impart values to your children. You can show them the importance of teamwork, responsibility, and giving back while having uninterrupted family bonding time without other engagements or distractions. Volunteering has also been shown to help build self-confidence and teach children to value the work they do. So, if you’re looking for a fun, meaningful activity to do with your family, consider finding somewhere to volunteer together and do some good!