The arts are a cornerstone of many nations, providing an atmosphere for creativity and self-expression. But the lifeblood of the arts community has been slowly fading, as funding from governments and private organizations has dwindled. Funding from these sources remains essential to sustaining our communities’ creative capacities and the quality of life in those communities. To ensure that vibrant art can continue being created for future generations, we must now find ways to support the arts.

1) Buy Local Art from Living Artists

The next time you’re thinking about purchasing a piece of artwork, consider the artist’s story. Notably, many of these stories will be personal and compelling; art tends to be an outlet for introspection and expression. By purchasing from an artist who lives in your community, you have the potential to make a more personal connection with the work itself. Through this connection, you directly support local artists and ensure that their creative output remains a part of your community.

2) Shop in Local Galleries

The strength of the local art community relies on the support of individuals, organizations, and institutions. The community’s ability to create new creative experiences will continue to be enhanced by local galleries that display and promote local artists. If you want to make a difference for the arts in your community, you should consider spending a little bit more money and visiting these places.

3) Display Local Art in Your Home or Office

The arts may be seen as a luxury and not a necessity, but the presence of art in our lives makes it easier to live and work. Art can inspire us to dream and explore, be more open-minded and creative, and appreciate the inherent value in diversity. When you display local art in your home or office, you’re creating an environment that encourages these things – an environment that encourages you to be the best that you can be.

4) Donate Art to An Organization or School

If you have an artwork that you no longer want or need, consider donating it to a cause that can make use of it. Many organizations need works of art to display, while others can put them to practical use by auctioning them off and generating funds for their programs. If you have suitable artwork, talk with the organizers and see how you can help.


The arts are a significant part of every community, and they’re also very adaptable and versatile. Through the efforts of people like you, the arts can continue to evolve and grow, providing us with exciting new experiences and moving us forward.