Richard Abbe


About Richard Abbe

You can’t underestimate the importance of giving back. Richard Abbe can still remember his father instilling this sentiment in him when he as only a child. But this isn’t the only thing Richard learned from his father — he also learned the thrill and importance of investing. But above all, perhaps the greatest thing he learned in his youth is how to combine these two elements – the importance of investing and giving back – into a singular mindset. Motivated by helping businesses in the early stages of their development, Richard brings this same goal to his philanthropic endeavors, too.

But above his solo work, one of his proudest moments was the charity work his two daughters decided to do for their respective Bat Mitzvahs. Richard enjoys finding alternative ways to turn one’s investments and wealth into profit for both themselves and the community at large. As the Co-founder, Principal, and Managing Partner of Iroquois Capital Management, LLC, the Investment Advisor to Iroquois Capital LP and Iroquois Capital (offshore) Ltd, Richard is no stranger to encouraging strategic growth.

Richard has been on Wall Street since 1992, something he credits to the inspiration his father instilled in him. This passion, which was birthed out of his exposure to investing at a young age, has helped him build a career admired by many. In an effort to continue developing his love for investing, Richard Abbe attended Hobart University after graduating high school where he received his Bachelor of Arts.

Before stepping into his role at Iroquois Capital, Richard co-founded and served as Co-Chief Investment Officer of Vertical Ventures, LLC. He also worked in Equity Middle Market Institutional Sales at Lehman Brothers, as Senior Managing Director at Gruntal & Company, and Founding Partner at Hampshire Securities. One of the things that draw Richard Abbe to investing is his love of helping people accomplish their dreams. In his current role, he enjoys seeing companies in their early stages grow through his guidance, and he likes being apart of what could be the next great idea.

When not busy working, Richard Abbe loves spending his free time with his children. Constantly inspired by the joy he sees in their lives, he cherishes the moments they spend together.

Follow along as Richard shares the importance of giving back to the community, the joy found in philanthropic work, how to get the family and community involved, and what he’s been up to with his charity work.