Philanthropy has always been a core value of society. However, many of the complex issues facing the world have left some to wonder what the best philanthropic solutions are. To answer this, here are some philanthropy trends for 2020:

The Utilization of Data and Mapping Tools. Investors want to know that their contributions are going to worthy causes. With this in mind, technology will be increasingly used to map when and where philanthropic contributions are made. Studies have found that more than 150 trillion gigabytes of information will require analyzation by the year 2025. This information will then be used to ensure that the disbursement of donations is equitable.

Emphasis Placed on Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015 the United Nations established 17 goals associated with the sustainability of the human race. In 2020, organizations are creating philanthropic strategies that incorporate these goals. These goals include factors such as eliminating poverty and addressing climate change. Sustainable Development Goals are designed to improve the quality of life for people across the world by 2030.

Climate Change Initiatives. Although many causes are essential and need philanthropic donations, climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Philanthropy in the area of climate change will include providing aid and resources after natural disasters, advocating for governmental policy changes, and creating programs that encourage prevention. Organizations are committed to creating policies that address the adverse effects of climate change.

Avoiding Tainted Money and Practicing Financial Transparency. Companies and organizations will likely place a greater focus on financial transparency. Donors want to know that their contributions are helping the people or causes they want to help. Additionally, a rash of questionable donors has caused nonprofits to pay more considerable attention to who is making donations. This process can be challenging because many organizations depend on funding from private donors.

Election Effect Philanthropy. Because this is an election year, a trend in philanthropy will be increased donations to various causes. Following the 2016 election, a massive surge in donations occurred. Nonprofits discovered that election effect donors were more likely to keep giving to a cause in the 18-months following the election than traditional donors. As a result, organizations want to adopt strategies that will attract these particular donors.